FRI 03/03
23:00 – CLOSE

Shelter presents: LeMaia Anniversary

Alexia Glensy
Legowelt (live)
Nicolas Lutz

About the artists


Danny Wolfers aka Legowelt has captivated the Dutch electronic music industry since the early 90s, taking inspiration from pioneers of the Detroit and Chigaco scenes. With such a diverse range of electronic outputs, his sound can be hard to pinpoint to a specific genre. Also a devoted producer, rarely a year goes by without an album-release, so listen out for his pioneering productions, sought after by the likes of Dekmantel and Clone labels. Expect to delve into the depths of cutting-edge electro sounds you’ve never even heard before.

Nicolas Lutz

From Outer Space to the dancefloors of Earth, Nicolas Lutz brings his metallic, spacey groove to the Electro lovers of Amsterdam and beyond. Prepare to be taken on a journey of sound, down a path between the unknown and the unexpected. A master of mystery, and a relentless seeker of hidden gems, Nicolas Lutz’s sets are always guaranteed to bring an element of surprise to the dancefloor.