Frequently asked questions

Is there a dress code?
Shelter encourages visitors to dress in a way that matches their personality. As such, Shelter does not maintain a clearly defined dresscode. However, suits, dress shirts, football shirts or any kind of insulting apparel like explicitly discriminatory shirt prints can be denied access.

What are Shelter’s opening hours?
During regular club nights Shelter opens at 11pm and is usually open until at least 8am. However, during special events like weekenders opening hours may vary. Always check our Facebook page for exact opening and closing hours for specific events.

I can’t find the email with my ticket. What should I do?
Please contact our ticketing host Resident Advisor directly on the following link.

What kind of music will I find in Shelter?
Shelter’s programming is founded greatly on quality house and techno. There is plenty of room, though, for disco and more progressive, leftfield or other kinds of unconventional electronica.

I’ve lost something in the club; do you have a lost property department?
You’ve lost something valuable in our club? Don’t worry, if the item in question was still around after the club closed, then we will make sure that you’ll get it back.

Please send an email with a detailed description about the item you’ve lost and an announcement of your visit to Mails concerning lost items will be replied on Tuesdays.

We only hold onto items for 4 weeks. After this time the items will be disposed of.

Am I allowed to take pictures in the club?
You are allowed to take pictures with your cell phone in Shelter. What is strictly prohibited is the use of flash. When caught using flash, and are visibly annoying either the DJ or other visitors, Shelter holds the right to eject you from the club without warning.

What do I do when advanced tickets are sold out?
Shelter always has a limited amount of tickets at the door. The earlier you come the bigger the chances are of obtaining a ticket.

Where can I buy tickets from?
Shelter’s ticketing service is handled by Resident Advisor. You can buy tickets here. For any information or questions regarding RA’s ticketing policy, please follow this link.

What is the minimum age to enter Shelter?
The minimum age to Shelter is 21.

What is Shelter’s search policy?

Visitors of Shelter may be searched. Refusal to cooperate can result in the denial of access to the club.

My ticket says I should arrive before midnight, why is this?
Advance ticket holders are advised to arrive before midnight / 1am as they have priority entry into the club. Your ticket is still valid after 1am, you just might have to queue to get in on busy nights.

What payment methods does Shelter accept?
Shelter is a cashless, cards-only club. Next to your bank card, we also accept all major credit- and debit cards.