House rules

  • Shelter has a zero tolerance policy to any form of discrimination – including but not limited to – xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, colourism, ageism, and/or any form of hate, any form of violent behaviour, and/or any form of harassment – including but not limited to sexual, verbal, emotional and/or physical harassment. Any activity of this nature will lead to eviction, and a potential ban, from Shelter.
  • Shelter warmly opens its doors to anyone who wants to enjoy the club, its environment and the music, with an open-minded and respectful attitude, towards one another, the musical programming, the club and its staff.
  • Shelter holds the right, at all times, to deny entry to anyone, whether in possession of a presale ticket or not. Reasons for denied entry may include – but are not limited to – a visible state of intoxication, a disrespectful and/or violent attitude towards any of our staff, a lack of knowledge regarding the programme, attempting entry to the club in a large group, formal or inappropriate/offensive attire. Guests dressed in – for instance, but not limited to – suits, dress shirts, football shirts or any kind of offensive apparel can be denied entry.
  • Shelter enforces a no flash policy. This means that we do not tolerate the use of flashlights on our dancefloors and/or within our venue. Visitors who are caught using their phone flashes can be requested to exit the premises immediately by a member of the security team and/or club staff. The no flashlight policy does not apply to hired photographers/videographers.
  • The minimum age to enter Shelter is 18. Shelter holds the right to ask visitors to present a valid ID.
  • The presale and guest list queues always have entrance priority over the doorsale queue.
  • All visitors of Shelter will be searched upon entry. Refusal to cooperate will result in the denial of entry to the club.
  • Consumption, trade or possession of hard drugs is strictly prohibited.
  • The possession of soft drugs (weed or hash) is permitted; up to a maximum of 5 grams. Soft drugs may only be consumed in the designated smoking area. Pre-rolled joints are not allowed and will be removed.
  • Smoking of cigarettes and vapes are only permitted in the designated smoking area.
  • The use or possession of a firearm or other weaponry is strictly prohibited.
  • The distribution of advertising or any form of promotional material to Shelter’s visitors either before, during or after an event is strictly prohibited. Any potential cleaning costs for such activities will be recovered from the person in question.
  • By entering Shelter you automatically agree to the recording and use of security camera footage by A’DAM Six Senses B.V. and its media partners. Shelter and its partners are not responsible for damage to, or theft of property of visitors.
  • Failure to adhere to any of the above house rules will result in denied access to Shelter, without a ticket refund.
    Shelter is a cashless club. We accept all major credit and debit cards. However, our non e-lockers require a 2 euro coin. Please make sure to bring one.
  • We kindly request all Shelter visitors to be mindful of our neighbors when entering and leaving the club.