FRI 03/11
23:00 – CLOSE

Shelter presents: Picnic

Andy Luff
Evan Baggs

About the artists

Evan Baggs

For nearly twenty years, Evan Baggs has been pushing the boundaries of music in the realms of house and techno. His distinct style draws inspiration from both Berlin, where he has resided since 2007, and his hometown of New York. Since 1998, the diverse underground scene in New York has been the initial spark that ignited his unique approach to DJing and music production.

Fueled by a deep passion for searching for rare records and an exceptional talent for uncovering hidden musical treasures, Evan’s sets incorporate elements of breaks, broken beat, electro, and acid, seamlessly blended together. Furthermore, his own music productions have found homes on labels curated by like-minded international DJs such as Francesco Del Garda, Binh, Ryan Elliott, DJ Masda, and others.

Andy Luff

Andy is currently gaining a lot of attention. As head honcho of Picnic London, he’ll be hosting this first edition of Picnic at Shelter. Since he’s constantly on the lookout for exceptional and unique records that stand out, you can find him as a loyal customer of the Killacutz shop and a skilled DJ who truly shines when he’s behind the decks.