FRI 05/05
23:00 – CLOSE

Ion Ludwig (live)
Luna Ludmila
Maayan Nidam

About the artists

Mayaan Nidam

Mayaan Nidam continues to change, evolve and challenge boundaries both in her Berlin studio and on stage, and has built a reputation as a fine producer, live performer & DJ who favours a subtle approach towards mesmeric moments. Her DJ sets, predominantly based in stripped-back, deep sounds, utilise an intriguing vinyl collection, using obscure interludes for re-contextualisation. This approach makes for some magical moments on the dance-floor, where a night’s highlight may come from the most unlikely of tracks. 

Ion Ludwig

Often described by those who have had the chance to witness his live performances, as a wizard, a magician or maestro, whereas for the electronic music scene for the recent years he is doubtlessly one of the most highly regarded producers and performers, from whichever perspective for the listener, once you get immersed in this artist’s universe you never go back the same, you gain musical growth instantly by his guidance.