FRI 06/05
23:00 – CLOSE

Jennifer Touch LIVE
Laura BCR

About the artists

Laura BCR

Laura BCR has her ear to the ground. The French DJ and On Board Music label founder is always on the lookout for new music to spin, or for artists to join her monthly Rinse France radio show. She takes her name from the much-loved and now closed, Berlin record store, Bass Cadet Records, where she spent a couple of years behind the counter. These days, Laura is best known for her transportive, deep techno and dubby ambient DJ sets.

Jennifer Touch

Dresden born and Berlin bred firecracker Jennifer Touch, was led to believe all the melodies in the world had already been used when she was young, rendering being a musician futile and pointless. Ignoring the bollocks, her desire for self-expression through music prevailed, and after the wall came down, her musical tastes expanded beyond 80’s pop, embracing the bleak and rough techno of Berlin’s burgeoning underground.