FRI 06/10
23:00 – CLOSE

Cesco Corrado
Herra b2b Ferro

About the artists


Ferro’s sound comes caked in vintage dust, sounding as though his beats have been maturing in a drawer before being unleashed on the world. They are percussive but also organic, warm and inviting. Next to being the frontman of VBX, he can also be found playing across the globe at events like HYTE, Kiesgrube, Unusual Suspects and FUSE London, for whom he plays on a regular basis. His influences come from many different places, as you can hear in his sets and also in his productions that always sound fresh but dreamy at the same time.


Vera is a renowned DJ and producer known for her timeless music selection, subtle mixing style, and authentic presence behind the decks. She surprises audiences with unexpected sets, primarily using her vinyl collection. She focuses on creating a narrative and atmosphere rather than sticking to specific genres or chasing hit songs. With over a decade of experience, she’s in high demand globally while remaining somewhat of an insider’s secret. She has held residencies at prestigious clubs like Robert Johnson and Monza Ibiza and has performed at iconic venues worldwide. As a producer, she’s released music on respected labels and collaborated with notable artists. Since 2011, she’s based in Berlin and heads the Meliflow label.