FRI 10/06
23:00 – CLOSE

Data Memory Access (Giammarco Orsini & Jacopo Latini)
Idris Bena
Nathan Pinder

About the artists

Data Memory Access

Duo comprised of Giammarco Orsini & Jacopo Latini. Connection; the concept which represents the experience of deejaying: connection between records, connection between people, and also the connection between these two artists.

A wandering Giammarco Orsini first felt the pull of the record shop at 14, and the experience instantly turned him into a passionate collector. Now, as an international performing artist, Orsini uses his decades-deep archive to create a feeling that is comfortably nostalgic yet fresh in its relevance. A true ambassador of music, Giammarco Orsini continues to be both an avid student and insightful teacher, making every set and release a timeless impression.

No words, just music. Jacopo Latini was born in Bologna during the generation of the music revolution. He feeds himself with rare vibrations, collects energies and processes these codified languages into his musical experience.

Idris Bena

French label Forest ill Records released some of 2019’s most engaging and unique sounding music from any scene or genre. The collective are unphased by the need for labeling music within a genre and bounce between enigmatic house, glitchy techno and freaky breaks. Idris Bena’s productions are no exception to the Forest ill rule. Bena’s work undeniably takes heavy inspiration from more vintage sounds, yet his tracks always feel firmly rooted in the future. For his debut at Shelter be ready to hear some unreleased bombs on the dance floor.