FRI 13/10
23:00 – CLOSE

Benny Rodrigues b2b De Sluwe Vos
Julian Anthony

About the artists

De Sluwe Vos

Robert Vosmeijer, also known as De Sluwe Vos, is a renowned DJ and producer with 15 years of experience in the Dutch nightlife scene. His style combines house and techno with breakbeats and a touch of rave, showcasing his talent for blending old-school records with new club anthems. When not in the DJ booth, he’s in his studio working on various projects and aliases. He releases music through his own label, Patron Records, and collaborates with Sjamsoedin as Intercity 106, and as Christian The Comet Conqueror, he offers an immersive audiovisual live experience that goes beyond music, incorporating decor, scent, texture, lights, and sound to convey his artistic vision.

Benny Rodrigues

Benny Rodrigues is an infamous Dutch DJ known for his groovy and funky tech-house sound, influenced by Detroit, minimalism, and acid. He’s also diversified his music with techno, gaining widespread recognition. He has performed at top clubs and festivals in the Netherlands and internationally, including Miami’s Opium Garden and Ibiza’s Space Ibiza & Privilege. While he maintains a busy DJ schedule, he also focuses on producing music. Bless his humble soul.