FRI 14/07
23:00 – CLOSE

Shelter presents: Mindscape

Laura BCR
Luigi Tozzi & Antonio Ruscito (live)
VNTM (live)

Shelter presents: Mindscape

Envision becoming open to different ways of seeing and listening. To indulge in your own imaginative journey through visual and sonic intricacies. To experience the less perceivable elements of familiar spaces and sounds. Isn’t it time to let the barely apparent features play a major role in an immersive club night and let them alter your entire experience?

Intricate details make all the difference in Mindscape, the new experimental club night hosted by resident VNTM at Amsterdam’s trailblazing nightclub Shelter.

For this next edition, VNTM curated a stellar lineup of artists that will delve into deep and mesmerizing techno.


About the artists

Luigi Tozzi and Antonio Ruscito, both hailing from Italy, will play one of their rare joint live sets. These maestros will take you on an emotional odyssey, crafting a blend of ecstasy and abyss our dance floor. Known for their enveloping and transcendental compositions, they are a perfect fit for Mindscape as a sensorial experience.

The talented Laura BCR is guiding us into this special night. Known for her transportive deep techno sound, as well as her incorporation of dubby ambient elements, Laura has established herself as a presence to be reckoned with. Not only does she possess exceptional DJ skills, but she also spearheads the esteemed On Board Music Label, Booking Agency, and Party Organization.

Join for another extraordinary Mindscape experience as we bring together some of the most captivating live artists in the scene. Together with Mindscape founder VNTM, they will orchestrate a night that defies expectations and takes us on a profound journey from beginning to end.