FRI 15/09
23:00 – CLOSE

Shelter presents: Rawmantique

Amanda Mussi
Jeroen Search
Vincent Neumann

About the artists


Rakans is a DJ, an Artist, and a visionary. His oriental, experimental, and eclectic approaches to arts and music make his sound choices unique and mysterious. Rakans is also the founder of Rawmantique party in Dresden, a Queer Safe(r) Space that aims at providing a space for explorations whether they’re sexual, social or psychological all within the underground scene offering the alternative and curious mind a non-judgmental surrounding that allows for new unique experiences, whatever they may be, to happen. His music often takes on an emotional and dramatic character bringing love, sexuality, and tenderness as main topics into the techno sounds. While remaining true to his identity being connected with his love and admiration to the land, his music doesn’t only make the crowd dance hard, but also groove and go back to their first instincts of sexual desires, primal social connections and pleasures.