FRI 17/02
23:00 – CLOSE

Mord 10 Years

Bas Mooy
Nadia Struiwigh (live)
Thanos Hana

About the artists

Bas Mooy

Rotterdam home-based dj/producer Bas Mooy (1976) has been active on many fronts in the techno scene since 1999. Heavily influenced by a city that breaths industrial strength twenty-fourseven, he gradually found his way into creating an unique dark sound, which lead him to the forefront of the global techno scene. In 2002 he kickstarted Audio Assault Records with label partner Jeroen Liebregts aka Radial, which resulted in the birth of sublabel Arms one year later. In 2013 Bas started his solo project Mord Records, which rapidly gained a huge fanbase worldwide and has been a major force in techno ever since.


Quelza (real name Léo NaïtAïssa), was born at the end of the 90s in the Parisian suburbs. Lulled in the arts since his childhood, his connection with music is made at an early age. But it’s in 2013 that he made his first encounter with the Parisian electronic scene which inspired him to start producing his own tracks. Championing layered techno wares laced with a breaksy, IDM-informed touch that packs a punch, the Frenchman keeps on carving out a truly distinctive, shape-shifting signature, switching scopes and angles as he ups the rhythmic pressure with every next sequence.