FRI 17/06
23:00 – CLOSE

Daniel Bell
Steven O’Sullivan (live)
Thomas Melchior

About the artists

Daniel Bell

American minimal techno DJ Daniel Bell is one of dance music’s true innovators. His sparse but driving minimal sound always kept commercial success at bay but, along with Robert Hood, created the basis for an entire musical genre. One that has in turn helped blur many of the distinctions between House and Techno. ​​Bell was influenced primarily by Chicago House as well as the works of the minimalist composers Steve Reich and Philip Glass. Bell’s pioneering stripped down Techno productions throughout the 1990’s, characterised by minimalist house grooves accented by blips and bleeps, lay the foundations for contemporary minimal Techno.

Steven O’Sullivan

UK-based producer, Steve O’Sullivan’s early years were filled with dub, reggae, and electro before he unearthed a love for minimal techno in the early 90’s. Steve produces slowly-evolving, minimal, soulful club tracks showing his love for subtle sounds and dub effects; and as a label head of the respected Mosaic label, he has proven himself as a springboard for some of the finest talents out there, including Steve Bug, Ben Sims and Ricardo Villalobos, to name just a few. 

After a long sabbatical from the scene, Steve returned to music production in 2013 with many high quality releases and remixes on Sushitech, Mosaic and other imprints, ranging from deep dubbed out techno to minimal house. As one of the rare breed of producers who don’t DJ, Steve showcases the depth and range of his hypnotic and dancefloor driven discography through his all hardware live show.