FRI 22/07
23:00 – CLOSE

Doudou MD
Eliza Rose
Move D
Thabo b2b Thalo Santana

About the artists


Berlin’s Thabo is not a new name in the city’s underground. After having built his reputation as a promoter, seasoned DJ, and prolific producer, Thabo reinvented himself as an artist, with his authenticity present across his house-oriented productions and DJ sets; often soulful, yet energetic. It is also apparent on his label, Home Again, which launched in 2020 as a natural progression from the beloved underground party of the same name, aimed at creating the perfect house party, a vision his label too embodies. Although Home Again is Thabo’s brainchild, the Berliner has teamed up with like-minded individuals to make sure that everything from artist and repertoire, creative design, events, to capsule collections is in line with the imprint’s ethos.

Thalo Santana

​​For the past 4 years, Thalo Santana has been working in the German underground music landscape as a DJ, producer, club booker, and promoter. The Brazilian native founded the HOOVE collective in 2016, where he played an integral part in redefining the local scene, developing and showcasing a more groovy and happy approach to his selections. In July 2020 Thalo launched with his good friends DJOKO, Pascal and J.Feierabend their musical imprint with HOOVE, releasing his first EP on vinyl that sold out in a short time and stayed on chart number 1 for three weeks.Thalo’s sets incorporate various decades of research in all realms of house music, beyond genre boundaries and with precise and perfectly skilled mixing. His Brazilian nature comes through every time you see him behind the decks, spreading groove, deep and funky vibes.