FRI 27/05
23:00 – CLOSE

Beste Hira
Juan Sanchez
ROD (Benny Rodrigues)

About the artists


ROD, the alter ego of the well-known artist Benny Rodrigues, can already call himself one of the Netherlands’ best techno DJs. Where Benny looks for width, ROD goes for depth. Expect techno with a versatile touch; from Detroit to Chicago, from acid to dub, from industrial to offbeat. His vast knowledge of music, undying love for techno and sharp taste bring him to techno hotspots all over the world.


Brazilian-born and based Marcal has been established as a consistent artist worldwide, always providing an odyssey filled with spellbinding swing and haunting atmospherics. Always focused on the groove; intelligent rhythms, complex patterns, and hypnotic soundscapes are the go-to elements of his sound signature, always trying to make the bodies on the dancefloor move throughout the perception of a well-crafted journey.