FRI 29/09
23:00 – CLOSE

Shelter presents: Decode – 15 YRS of Dynamic Reflection

Abstract Division
Justine Perry
Ø [Phase] & Matrixxman

About the artists

Ø [Phase] & Matrixxman

Ø [Phase] has been a driving force in techno for over two decades, leading the movement with his prototypical, stripped-back sound. Since cutting his teeth at Sony Music London as a mastering engineer in the late ’90s, he’s paved his way unapologetically, often challenging audiences in his relentless pursuit of pure artistry through gritty minimal techno. Matrixxman is the alter-ego of Charles McCloud Duff. He’s known primarily for his work in the techno realm as of late ultimately settling into his groove with something straddling the divide between Chicago House and Detroit Techno. The one thing you can definitively conclude about him is that you never know what he’s going to do next. In 2020 Ø [Phase] and Matrixxman took their collaboration up a notch, announcing the birth of Phyxix, and a year later they took it a step further with their second EP titled Phyxix 002 – including 6 powerful dancefloor weapons.


Rrose is the latest incarnation of Seth Horvitz, an interdisciplinary artist from California (currently residing in London) whose 25+ year musical history weaves in and out of academic circles and electronic music culture. Their work is informed by ongoing interests in microtonality, the limits of perception, and the idiosyncrasies of machines, which serve to create a distinctly detailed, sensual and hallucinogenic form of techno that challenges the mind and body in equal measure. The project extends into specific pockets of the avant-garde, leading to collaborations with luminaries such as Bob Ostertag and Charlemagne Palestine and reinventions of works by 20th century composers such as James Tenney. On stage, Rrose often stands in the shadows, going by he and she interchangeably – an implied interrogation of gender norms and artistry, albeit with a hint of black humour.