SAT 01/10
23:00 – CLOSE

Cinnaman b2b Carista
Festimi Soundsystem
Mary Lake

About the artists


More than just a DJ, Curator Carista, gets ready to create more exciting moments for those lucky enough to witness the Utrecht native. Through her unique take on Soul, Electronic, House, Garage or whatever the vibes call for, and her monthly slots on NTS and Red Light radio, she laid the foundations for an incredible last 12 months. “Whatever genre or music style I select, there’s always a soul that people can connect to”.

Mary Lake

Mary Lake, an artist for whom expression and eclecticism is vital. With an international upbringing in Algeria, France and The Netherlands, she seeks a voice through her music, translating inner dynamics in both club and exploratory settings, towards a signature of frenetic yet inviting sets. As a club DJ, Mary serves unorthodox techno, electro and left-field electronics, while always and foremost persuading the crowd to dance.