Sat 19/03
23:00 – CLOSE

About the artists
Dana Ruh
Labeled as one of the classiest and grooviest house DJs out there, Dana Ruh has been settled in Berlin and is a musician who lives and breathes music. Ruh’s early sound was often characterized by its subtle, minimal tropes, although these days, she’s equally as likely to champion classy, up-tempo house as she is a more challenging, more peak-time techno vibe.
Enzo Siragusa
The Londoner Enzo Siragusa is known for his love for dynamic sound and the mastermind behind one of London’s most infamous party brands, Fuse – an event he has used to cultivate a distinct sound and attracted a loyal and dedicated following. His roots lie in jungle and drum n bass, that pure, undiluted sound that sprung up from London’s inner city in the mid-nineties.
03:00 – CLOSE Enzo Siragusa
01:30 – 03:00 Dana Ruh
23:00 – 01:30 Alexia Glensy