SAT 20/05
23:00 – CLOSE

Shelter presents: LeMaia x Nostromo: Strange New Worlds – Amsterdam

Alexia Glensy
Christian AB

About the artists

Christian AB

With a passion for unearthing forgotten gems within electronic music and beyond, Christian’s distinctive sound breaks down the barriers of club music and consistently delights with unexpected twists and turns, bringing a playful energy that continues to cement his reputation as a DJ not to be missed. Part of the Vinyl-loving community of Berlin, AB’s selections do the talking. We are very excited to showcase his talent with a special event by LeMaia and Nostromo.


From his native Panama to his roots in Uruguay and Berlin, OMAR’s musical ethos has been shaped through diverse landscapes and human connection, an identity that has been complemented by the artists who’ve made their mark on him, such as his hometown heroes Bruno Gervais, Koolt and Uruguayan export Nicolas Lutz. OMAR prefers to keep his sets vinyl-only journeys that span from techno to electro and the deeper manifestations of house that are aimed at the listener’s pleasure-speak for themselves.