SAT 22/10
07:00 – 16:00
The Loft

Slapfunk @ The Loft

DJ Senc
Doudou MD
Secret Guest

8 hours of Slapfunk just isn’t enough, so let’s take the party sky high, onto the 16th floor, at The Loft. Enlisting DJ Senc, Doudou MD, Sweely and Velasco to bring the heat, we’re ready to dive into a marathon Slap-a-thon. Oh, did we mention a Secret Guest is due to make an appearance? 

About the artists


Sweely is often described as one of the most creative and eclectic French producers of the new generation, effortlessly navigating between house and electro, as demonstrated by his releases on Distant Hawaii, Lobster Theremin and Concrete Music to name a few. His deep, energising live performances earned him residency at the infamous CONCRETE club in Paris. You will find him dancing behind his MPC and other gear, crafting rolling, captivating music transmitting his energy to unify the crowd toward an elegant and groovy mood.



It’s plain to hear Luis Velasco’s roots in his music. From his gritty, hard-grooving productions to his punchy selections in the club, the spirit of New York house and techno is deeply entrenched in every aspect of what he does. The fusion of tough beats, innate funk and rough, street-level soul in the Velasco sound maintains the tradition of New York music culture, but there’s a distinctive twist in his tracks and selections that strikes a chord with the tripped-out minimalism of the scene in Europe. Having taken his craft across the Atlantic on numerous occasions, it’s plain to see the reach of Velasco is ever-expanding, building on a work ethic rooted in the hustle of the 90s and honed over more than twenty years. The time and dedication is evident, and the quality in the sound is undeniable.