SAT 25/11
23:00 – CLOSE


Frank Haag
Praslesh (Raresh & Praslea)

About the artists

Praslesh (Raresh & Praslea)

Praslesh is a dynamic and innovative DJ duo renowned for pushing the boundaries of electronic music. Comprising of two exceptionally talented artists, Praslea and Raresh, Praslesh has carved out a distinct niche in the world of underground techno and house music.
With a passion for electronic sounds that transcends the ordinary, Praslesh has garnered a devoted following for their mesmerizing sets and distinctive approach to DJing. Their performances are characterized by an intricate blend of groovy basslines, hypnotic rhythms, and an eclectic selection of tracks that keep the dance floor moving and grooving all night long.
Individually, Praslea and Raresh have made significant contributions to the global electronic music scene, and when they come together as Praslesh, their synergy is nothing short of remarkable. Their ability to seamlessly merge various subgenres of electronic music into a coherent and immersive sonic experience is a testament to their musical prowess.

Frank Haag

Frank Haag’s musical journey is a testament to his international recognition and profound approach to sound. His EP, “Tales of the Burning Range Rovers,” released on Berlin-based Serialism Records, received acclaim from notable artists such as Troy Pierce, Quenum, Arnaud Le Texier, and Sierra Sam. Frank’s performances at esteemed venues like Arma17 in Moscow, Watergate Club in Berlin, and Rex Club in Paris, as well as appearances in cities such as Glasgow and Novi Sad, showcase his burgeoning international presence. His music seamlessly combines organic elements with sonically abstract compositions, influenced by his studies in Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. Frank Haag’s musical evolution reflects an artist whose roots in diverse genres and dedication to pushing sonic boundaries continue to shape his distinctive and innovative sound.