23:00 – 06:00

Sat 10/08



Benjamin Berg







About the event

LIQUIDS is back! Our monthly regular takes over the booth, presented by well-known names in the industry. Let’s dive into the night where it’ll all be about captivating electronics, funky house and soul stirring rhythms. 



Of Turkish origins but born and raised just outside of Zurich, Alchi’s entry into DJing came through Hip Hop and street culture, trying his hand at graffiti and breakdancing before discovering turntables. Igniting his passion for music, his taste has evolved over the years, shifting into the electronic world where he now places his sound between funky house grooves and minimalistic techno.


Benjamin Berg

Benjamin Berg is a captivating electronic music performer who hails from our own city. He seamlessly combines throbbing beats, contagious melodies and soul stirring rhythms to produce a sonic experience that takes the crowd to a blissful universe with his primary genre being electronic and a subgenre of house. Each layer of his sets is carefully stitched together to form a symphony of aural delight.



With firm footing in the city of London, Laidlaw has become a trailblazer with his sound- igniting dance floors with energy each and every time he steps into the booth. Laidlaw has created a movement in the last few years with a heavy focus on creating the ultimate atmosphere to get lost in sound.



Time: 23pm – 6am

Age: 18+

Location: Overhoeksplein 3, 1031KS Amsterdam

A never ending groove.