WED 19/10
23:00 – 05:00
The Loft

Blends: The Tastes of Africa ADE Sessions

Henry X
Philou Louzolo
+ Special Guest TBA


This ADE, Blends is joining us at The Loft to share their unique mix of West African afrobeat and South African electronic music topped with their club ready tracks. Blends will cater to the newschoolers as well as the old heads with the best sounds of new and old throughout the night. Bringing you the heat will be the afrobeat pioneer and the mr. that blends all kinds of electronic African music in to one Blended fusion: Henry X, a special guest and much talked about Philou Louzolo, who’s been taking off while keeping one foot on the African soil while both his hands are reaching for the future sky above and beyond us.
And if you thought that was all, No! stay tuned for another  special guest.

About the artists

Henry X

Amsterdam-based DJ and producer, Henry X, grew up surrounded by music, having tracks and turntables before he was old enough to comprehend what they were. Finding his first two-steps in UK Garage, X was seeking to give something musically creative back to the scene and community.  Before even being known all over the world from the tune with the famous Afrobeats Artist WizKid, Henry X was mostly known for giving the Dutch scene their first task of the sound of Africa. Before the hits, before the trends, before the hype…there was Henry X. A true pioneer in afrobeats that managed to stay relevant in the current scene & with his love for electronic music: Amapiano & Afrotech & Afrohouse are sounds that he loves to emerge into his sets. Naming this “The Tastes of Africa” its BLENDS.

Philou Louzolo

Philou Louzolo is on a mission, eager to bridge the gap between Afro diaspora sounds and House and Techno. He challenges his audience to keep an open mind while listening to his music. Philou’s debut album ‘African Gold’ Says it all. Fusing with no restrictions and no limits his love for Amapiano, Afrotech, house en techno. Let yourself go, you are safe in the hands of this bossman.