FRI 24/06
23:00 – CLOSE

Andrey Pushkarev b2b Eli Verveine
Children of Valis
DJ Dustin

About the artists

Andrey Pushkarev

Andrey Pushkarev continues to move floors with a combination of profound musical knowledge, unique professionalism, and a meticulously curated vinyl collection. His uncompromisingly exquisite taste and sharp skills on the decks have won him respect and admiration as a committed promoter of quality music. His sound focuses on creating moods, all the while emphasising the human aspect of music. His firm yet organic attitude on the decks masks an unquestioning exploration of the power of spatiality in which every track is given breathing room.

DJ Dustin

For many years DJ Dustin has been one of the most recognizable names in the club scene. A warming human touch met with a beyond the club mindset, eclectic sounds and organic vibrations cement his signature sound.Taking his audience on a musical journey with each set, bringing to life his rigorous selection of material. Together with close friends, Dustin founded and runs German label; giegling. The signature giegling sound could be described as melancholic nostalgia – at least, these are the emotions that many of their tracks evoke. As Dustin says ‘It’s the feeling of seeing a sunset. It relates to freedom, youth and a bit of anarchy and utopia’.

Eli Verveine

For as long as Eli Verveine has been mixing records she has strived for the perfect groove and flow, the one that keeps you moving and the dancefloor rocking. Her sound is timeless, a smoothly-blended mix of deeper house and techno from two weeks or two decades ago. It’s warm, groovy and tastefully euphoric. In addition to her club sets, Eli’s podcasts (most notably for Resident Advisor) have become cult favourites amongst discerning listeners worldwide. She still maintains a longstanding residency at Zukunft (one of Zurich’s most established clubs). And if all this wasn’t enough, Eli runs Tardis Records, together with her Berlin-based ally Oscar Schubaq, releasing a succession of deeper club tracks by some of her musical heroes as well as her debut EP with Schubaq.