SAT 02/12
23:00 – CLOSE

Denise Rabe
Juan Sanchez
Laura van Hal b2b Lea Occhi

About the artists

Juan Sanchez

Amsterdam-based DJ and producer Juan Sanchez, founder of the Format label and clubbing concept, has become a prominent tastemaker in the international electronic music scene. His signature stripped-down, sophisticated techno with unexpected twists has earned him respect and made him a preferred choice for dance promoters worldwide. Juan has played at prime-time slots in clubs and festivals around the globe, and his performances at Shelter Amsterdam have received acclaim from techno enthusiasts and fellow artists. Additionally, he established Format Records in 2014, blending his unique sound with collaborations from emerging talents and industry veterans.

Denise Rabe

Denise Rabe’s extensive experience in the Berlin techno scene, where she has worked as a booker, radio host, promoter, and DJ since moving to the German capital in pursuit of a music-centered life, is evident in the pragmatic and grounded artist she has become. Her unique and original voice as a producer is a reflection of her journey. She meticulously applies her approach and work ethic to every release under her label, Rabe, ensuring that her music is presented with equal care, thought, and effort. This commitment extends to the overall aesthetic and vision that informs not only her music but also its artwork and presentation.

Denise’s dedication has allowed her to collaborate with artists whose work resonates with her sensibility, as exemplified by remixes from Rrose, Shxcxchcxsh, Headless Horseman, and others for her releases on her label and elsewhere.  

Rabe’s distinctive penchant for sparse industrial soundscapes, gothic aesthetics, and groove-driven compositions with mesmerizing hooks has propelled her 10-year career across stages in the US, Asia, and Europe. She has graced renowned techno venues such as Berghain and Tresor, establishing herself as a notable presence in the global techno community.