FRI 08/12
23:00 – CLOSE


Patrice Bäumel (all night long)

About the artists

Patrice Bäumel

Patrice Bäumel has carved a unique path in the European and global techno scene. He’s a Beatport chart-topping producer and international DJ known for fitting seamlessly into the Global Underground lineup. With a beloved residency at Amsterdam’s Trouw club, he’s a hero in his adopted city. His music, released on renowned labels like Kompakt, Get Physical, and Watergate, sets the scene from Ipanema to Ibiza. However, Patrice is far from a generic artist.

Influenced by the experimental sounds of Andy Stott and the electronic explorations of Autechre, he’s a strategic and level-headed figure in the world of club culture. Patrice combines deep life experiences in business, technology, and the arts to shape his creative work. His background includes growing up in East Germany, which instilled a unique musical foundation from an early age, and he eventually embraced the world of techno.

Today, he remains a work in progress, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of DJing and production as both an art and technology. Patrice’s mission is to serve the audience, bringing people together through music and delivering the thrill of sonic art. He’s open to the magic of chance and randomness, ensuring there are many surprises in store for his fans in the future.