SAT 09/12
23:00 – CLOSE

Boris Werner
Izak Jules
Robin RB

About the artists

Boris Werner

Dutch DJ Boris Werner’s profound love for house music shines through in every set he delivers. With a decade of experience, numerous releases on renowned labels like Remote Area, Supplement Facts, Rush Hour, and more, and a residency at the world-famous club TROUW, Boris is a dynamic and crowd-pleasing artist sought after on dance floors worldwide, from DC-10 to Studio 80 and beyond.

Boris’s DJ skills seamlessly blend various styles of house music, from percussive funk to bass-heavy grooves, reflecting his diverse influences, from Arthur Russell to ’90s golden era hip hop. He co-hosted MONO parties and gained a pivotal residency at Vreemd, becoming a beloved figure in Amsterdam’s club scene. Boris’s dedication and fun-filled vibe earned him a devoted following.

Boris’s reputation allowed him to conquer clubs, events, and festivals across Europe, including gigs with CircoLoco at Ibiza’s DC-10. His global reputation continues to grow, with performances in various countries and a strong presence in the contemporary dance music scene.


From his gritty, hard-grooving productions to his punchy selections in the club, the spirit of New York house and techno is deeply entrenched in every aspect of what he does. The fusion of tough beats, innate funk and rough, street-level soul in the Velasco sound maintains the tradition of New York music culture, but there’s a distinctive twist in his tracks and selections that strikes a chord with the tripped-out minimalism of the scene in Europe. Having taken his craft across the Atlantic on numerous occasions, it’s plain to see the reach of Velasco is ever-expanding, building on a work ethic rooted in the hustle of the 90s and honed over more than twenty years. The time and dedication is evident, and the quality in the sound is undeniable.