FRI 15/12
23:00 – CLOSE

Shelter presents: Home Again

Thabo x Eva Selezneva
Thalo Santana

About the artists


Curses made his debut with the album ‘Romantic Fiction,’ which was released in October 2018 under Jennifer Cardini’s Dischi Autunno label. This marked the beginning of his live performances, where he brings the guitars, vocals, and energy of the album to the stage as a duo. Whether he’s rocking the stage at the Convenanza Festival curated by the late Andrew Weatherall or spinning tunes in the main room at Circoloco DC-10, Curses consistently infuses his punk and new wave energy into dance floors of all sizes. He stays true to his distinctive sound, rooted in the dark tones of the 80s and beyond.

Thalo Santana

For the past 4 years, Thalo Santana has been working in Cologne’s, and recently Berlin’s underground music landscape as a DJ, producer, club booker, and promoter. The Brazilian native founded the HOOVE collective in 2016, where he played an integral part in redefining the local scene, developing and showcasing a more groovy and happy approach to his selections. In July 2020 Thalo launched with his good friends DJOKO, Pascal and J.Feierabend their musical imprint with HOOVE, releasing his first EP on vinyl that sold out in a short time and stayed on chart number 1 for three weeks.Thalo’s sets incorporate various decades of research in all realms of house music, beyond genre boundaries and with precise and perfectly skilled mixing, which he proved in prestigious locations in Cologne, Berlin, Amsterdam, and all over the world (O MATO, Brazil). His Brazilian nature comes through every time you see him behind the decks. Spreading groove, deepness, and funky vibes.