SAT 16/12
23:00 – CLOSE

Shelter presents: Beeyou x After Caposile

Casey Spillman b2b Wodda
Dr Banana b2b Tristan da Cunha
Francesco Maddalena
Just Jam

About the artists

Dr Banana

Dr. Banana, a London-born DJ with roots in UK Garage (UKG), is known for his globally-recognized label releasing classic tracks from new producers and re-issues from the golden era of UKG. However, his music collection spans a wide range of genres, as evidenced by his recent sets. Whether it’s delivering electro, techno, and minimal beats with Evan Baggs, collaborating on cross-genre party sets with Bradley Zero, dropping high-energy tracks with Interplanetary Criminal, or spinning solo, Dr. Banana consistently delivers an exciting selection of tracks for any audience and any venue.

Having established himself as one of the UK’s most sought-after selectors, Dr. Banana has taken his talents worldwide, performing in various venues and festivals, from the intimate setting of Berlin’s Hoppetosse to the grandeur of Glastonbury, the iconic Fabric in London, the underground caverns of Kiev’s Art Club Closer, and Georgia’s Mkvtvarse. Whether performing locally, nationally, or globally, Dr. Banana’s versatile skills shine wherever he goes. 

Tristan da Cunha

Like a cosmic pied piper beamed from outer space, Tristan is a music enthusiast with a vast vinyl collection spanning various genres. His infectious energy behind the decks creates a sonic force that never fails to get the dance floor moving and the party going, wherever he performs.

Passionate about underground dance music, Tristan aims to free your mind, move your body, and elevate your soul. He effortlessly navigates between forgotten gems of the past and tomorrow’s classics, always staying on the cutting edge, regardless of the genre. He plays music from the heart, not from the charts, like a kaleidoscopic chameleon.

Having honed his craft during a 17-year residency at Backtobasics and as an honorary resident at Glastonbury festival’s NYC Downlow, Tristan has played alongside some of the world’s biggest artists. Whether performing solo or with his Dungeon Meat project alongside Brawther, his contribution to the dance floor has spanned nearly two decades and continues to garner fans worldwide. With a steady stream of studio productions and remixes topping sales charts, along with exciting upcoming projects, Tristan’s reputation and respect in the music industry continue to grow.