FRI 22/12
23:00 – CLOSE

Etapp Kyle
Special Request

About the artists

Etapp Kyle

Etapp Kyle, a Ukrainian-born artist, has transitioned from cavernous and hallucinatory techno to an exploration of spatial qualities in electronic music. His audiophile approach has resonated on the sound systems of prestigious techno venues and festivals worldwide. Trained as a classical musician, Etapp’s journey into electronic music began in his teenage years, leading him to study computer science and practice DJing. He gained recognition after moving to Moscow, securing a residency at ARMA 17 and impressing with dark, spacious, and detailed techno. His reputation as a technical producer was further solidified through releases on Klockworks and joining Ostgut Booking. Etapp’s music, both in productions and DJ sets, captures the essence of the club experience, incorporating architectural and spatial elements to create immersive soundscapes.